Intelligent Construction Equipment

Cloud computing, tags, beacons, IoT-trackers, etc. offer many opportunities to increase the efficiency of using construction equipment on the job sites. However, they are not commonly in use within the construction companies.

We at eRENT Solutions are developing our own platform for equipment management. Currently we are piloting a new version of our solution and launching it commercially next autumn. We call it Track & Rent Platform due to its capability to manage all assets which are used in companies. With our service construction companies can track and manage their owned, leased and rented fleet of equipment.

Construction equipment has a critical role, since almost always you need some tools to get the job done. For smooth processes you should have the right tool at the right time at the right place. This is not always an easy task since you can´t have all the tools in the world stored on your site. Usually companies own a lot of equipment and also rent often. The penetration of rental is increasing, which is a very positive trend. But using equipment from many sources creates a complex puzzle of equipment on a site level, which is not easy to control.

We have been participating in the iCons-project from the very start and are soon seeing extremely interesting results regarding on-site-tracking. Our current system tracks assets everywhere and integrates a portal for easy management of rental equipment. This combined with a cost efficient on-site-tracking would be a killer solution to the complex equipment puzzle mentioned earlier. Users would find their tools easily on site and could also manage all external equipment processes with the same system.

Combined with a BIM-model the production system would get a true boost in productivity. No searching for tools, no calling to rental companies, no need to own machinery, sub-contractors could share equipment, etc. This way we would have a very resource efficient and lean-oriented culture of using all equipment. In case your construction company is interested in this kind of concept, please give me a call and let´s digitalize the world of construction equipment.

Olli Aaltonen, Founder/CEO, eRENT Solutions Oy,, + 358 50 3798654


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