Intelligent Construction Site – Revolution in Construction Management

Technology has been developed to the point where it is possible to configure a system for a truly intelligent construction site: all resources: labor, materials and equipment can be tagged and located in real time. Mobile technology enables real time communication with workers and building information modeling provides context for decision making.

Aalto University has started a new research project on this theme funded by the Finnish Technology Agency Tekes and a consortium of eight Finnish companies, including end-users from construction and ship building sectors, software companies and a large teleoperator. In this research project, we intend to revolutionize construction management through intelligent data-driven systems. Our objective is to develop the concept of an intelligent construction site which utilizes and combines data of all production system entities. We will investigate what kind of data can be collected in real time from construction sites and what kind of IT systems are required to fully utilize the potential of real time production control. The Figure below illustrates the scope of the project.

The project is supported by a network of international collaborators from four countries: The United States, China, Brazil and Israel. Construction companies from the United States, China and Brazil will evaluate the international business potential of the iCONS –solution and pilot the system in their countries. Leading universities from each country coordinate local case studies and support the project with access to previous research and technology, as well as starting their own parallel research projects.

The research project started in October 2016 and the first steps were to investigate company requirements in all participating countries. Based on those requirements, the system to be developed has been designed and implementation has started on the labor tracking component. Laboratory tests are currently ongoing related to labor tracking and will be tested in real projects starting May 2017. Material tracking, equipment tracking and tracking of completed work will be next. In parallel, we are developing a prototype of a new real-time production control system! The goal is to analyze the tracking information and serve relevant, real-time, location-based information to foremen and superintendents.


For more information, please contact:


Olli Seppänen

Professor of Practive

Aalto University

(principal investigator of the research project)

olli.seppanen (at)

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